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The Colorado Lions KidSight Program began in 2001 with the receipt of a grant from the Lions Club International Foundation.  The program uses instrument based technology to detect vision problems in young children.  The program currently uses the Plusoptix Mobile 12 vision screener which detects vision problems in children quickly and the process is totally non-invasive.  The equipment is designed specifically for children and is "kid friendly".  This equipment allows us to detect six common vision problems in children that are risk factors for Amblyopia (lazy eye).  If left untreated amblyopia can cause vision loss in children.  Amblyopia occurs in about two percent of children.

The program has grown substantially from screening about 6,000 children early on to currently screening more than 41,000 children a year pre-pandemic in Colorado.  The Colorado Lions KidSight Program is one of the largest vision screening programs in the country and is the only statewide vision screening program in Colorado.The Colorado Department of Education has approved our program for state required school screenings in school districts throughout Colorado.  The program currently screens in 90 Colorado school districts and many early childhood, daycare and private schools.

Here at KidSight Colorado, our goal is that EVERY child we refer accesses vision care. We work with families to assist them in finding and paying for care.  Becoming a KidSight Colorado Partner sponsor means supporting children and schools in your local community. 

Young Girl Smiling with new glasses