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Plusoptix Screener - Screening Procedure 

The screen that you see when you turn on the camera allows you to choose the age of the child by years.  Slide the button from left to right with your finger to enter the age of the child that you are screening.  The screening criteria for children two through six years of age are the same so you can slide the button on any age range between 2 through 6.  If you are screening a child seven or older please use the 6+ age.  An age must be selected otherwise the camera will not allow you to screen.


Press the orange button on the handle to begin screening.


If you screen a child and they pass the screening, there is no need to enter any data: Simply mark the child screened as a Pass on the printed roster and continue screening


If you have a Referral the following procedure should be used to enter the data into the camera:



If you are having difficulty entering the information please feel free to call 720-325-7078 so we can help you in entering the information.  Please feel free to call during your screening so we can try to resolve the issue in a timely fashion and you can continue with your scheduled screening. 

Download printable copy of Plusoptix Screener - Screening Procedures


If you have questions please call email